This page is a list of links to breaking news, research articles and essays related to breastfeeding, pumping and modern motherhood - things I found valuable or thought-provoking.  I hope you'll find them entertaining and informative too!

August 2010

Help Dr. Hale!

5 Things Employers Should Know About Breastfeeding

An excellent summary for your boss or CEO regarding the benefits to your company when they fully support working and pumping moms.

July 2010 

The difference between "I can't" and "I won't" - and why it matters to all of us. A great discussion about why breastfeeding supporters care so much about how you feed *your* baby. In particular, this quote hit home for me - I am this woman! 
"There are many, many moms out there who had no desire to breastfeed for any number of reasons, many of them cultural but some of them personal - and yet, after learning more, and more, and more about how dramatically it would benefit not only their babies but themselves, they slowly changed their minds. I know one such mother who started out being totally turned off by breastfeeding with zero plans to do so herself - who is now becoming a lactation consultant as a result of her experience. You probably know one too. They're out there, and they matter, and they can become some of the best counselors of all, since they've been there themselves.
Breastfeeding Women Scared of Medicines? A discussion of the general concern breastfeeding mothers have about medications (hint: you can safely take a LOT more than you might think), and the general lack of good information coming from physicians and health care workers.  Medications and Mother's Milk by Dr. Hale is the gold standard for information on lactation pharmacology.

New parents: Would you bring your baby to work with you? My answer - no flipping way!  I love my kids, but I would never get any work accomplished if they were in the office (at my old job) or on campus.  Also I strongly feel my children deserve to be cared for by someone who is devoting her full attention to their needs, which is why we choose high quality center care.

This Sucks -- Breast Pumping at Work: Peaceful Revolution This is a candid look at common experiences of pumping in the workplace. It's not intended to scare anyone off, but rather educate you on what obstacles you might encounter and give you motivation to overcome them. For the record, while I have my share of stories surrounding puming at work (pumping in the room where we stored the preserved tumor specimens, anyone?), most of my pumping friends have had positive experiences overall.

Judge Rules In Favor of Nursing Mother: The point? Working and pumping mothers have the same rights as stay at home mothers who breastfeed their children.
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