Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update on me...

It's been awhile - quite a long while - since I posted an update.  Here it is - I finished pumping for my youngest (and last!) child a year ago, just after her first birthday.  I finished nursing her altogether a few weeks ago, after her second birthday.  That makes 3 full years of pumping, and just over 5 years of nursing total for my three kiddos combined.  Whew - where's my medal?  Oh, right...

As for the blog, and all my pumping experience:  The blog will stay up in its current form, at least for now.  I'm slowly working on putting together a short book, in electronic form, based on the information contained here.  Hopefully I can get it out there to help more busy working moms get the information they need to meet their breastfeeding & pumping goals.  In the meantime, if there's ever a question, please feel free to post.  Although I don't post updates, I'm always available to offer advice and support to moms.

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