Friday, November 5, 2010

When pumping ends...or There's a light at the end of this tunnel!

Now that my youngest is 10 months old, I've allowed myself to start looking forward to the end of pumping.  I support pumping moms 1000% (since I am one), I'm in favor of laws to protect a woman's ability to provide milk for her baby, I think it's wonderful that we have this ability to feed our babies their ideal food when we have to work away from home...but let's face it - pumping can be a pain, and I'm so glad that it's coming to an end.  To me, finishing my pumping journey will mean:

The end of lugging around an extra bag.

The end of washing bottles and pump parts every night after the kids go to bed.

The end of worrying about supply.

The end of obsession over whether daycare is over-feeding baby.

The end of being chained to my pump at lunch/during breaks/etc.

The end of worrying about coworkers barging in on me half-exposed.

And best of all....

The return of just a small measure of free time in my day!  Yay!

But how does this transition from pumping mom to pumping graduate happen?  What needs to be done?  How do you prepare baby? Does this mean you'll have to stop nursing altogether?  I'll address these and other questions over the next few posts.  Today's topic - how do I wean myself from daily pumping?

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